Mambo’s Nephew

Mambo’s 2-year old nephew is so adorable.  About once a week he takes to his mother’s iPad and Facetimes his uncle.  Yes, the young lad is caught up with the latest technology.  It’s incredible how much they learn at such a young age!  So each morning once a week, Mambo gets a facetime call from nephew.  2-year olds tend to like repetition and so every time he calls, he makes the same requests.

He will ask to count the monkeys on his mantle.  Mambo has a strange obsession with monkeys and has about 8 types.  So they count them together one-by-one.  Then nephew asks to do it again.  He requests to see every little thing in the house, including a large stuffed dog on the sofa, Mambo’s car parked in the driveway, the clothes in the closet, the bathroom, picture frames, etc.

Nephew has been learning to swim for about a year and recently received his “intermediate aqua baby” ribbon for completion of the class and doing a fantastic job at swimming.  When Mambo was over the other day, nephew was super excited to show uncle his 3rd ribbon.

Nephew’s dad also recently built a play structure in the backyard for him, which he loves.  Every time Mambo comes by the house, he pulls uncle to the backyard and asks him to play at the play structure with him.  It’s a very cool structure with rock climbing, swings, a slide, telescope, and monkey bars.  Playing in his backyard is a great fun adventure for nephew.

When he’s not outdoors, he enjoys coloring in the many different coloring books that he owns– Mickey Mouse, Care Bears, Cars.  He also loves building the tracks for his train set and building blocks and magnet tiles.  Unfortunately, like most kids, like loves watching tv.  Mom tries to restrict it to mornings only and maybe 30 min in the afternoon if he is behaved for the day.

Whenever Mambo is over, he tried to help out with nephew’s bedtime.  Assisting him with his bath, brushing his teeth, helping him with the potty, putting him in his pajamas, reading him bedtime stories, and tucking him to sleep.  It is one of Mambo’s favorite time of the visit.  He absolutely loves bonding with his nephew.

Nephew will be 3-years old in a few months.  But that will be another story in itself.  Mom is preparing invitations and decorations.  For now, Mambo continues his weekly visits and face times with his adorable nephew.